Free of Charge

Check out what goes on in Studio 128 and the Palace
Every Sunday
1:00 - 4:00pm @ The Palace and Studio 128

Are you taking a stroll through down Railroad Avenue? Why not stop by and see the newly renovated Palace of Art and Theater, or check out all of the new tech available in Studio 128!

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Use our space for your work
Every Tuesday starting August 4
4:00 - 6:00pm @ Studio 128

Need computer access to work on your projects? Want to prototype some of your tech ideas? We have lots of resources available for you to get some of that work done!
Available for students, including college

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Bring what you got!
Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday
2:00pm @ The Palace

Pick up an instrument, bring your voice, or come just to listen. Come join this circle of musicians to make music and have a good time!
Acoustic instruments preferred

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Create and code the coolest tech projects!
Every 4th Friday starting August 28
1:00 - 4:00pm @ Studio 128

smARTMaker Lab is the place to be for getting hands-on experience with designing, building, and coding a variety of tech projects. Everything from flashy wearables to remote controlled robots and more!
For ages 11 - 18. NO CHARGE!

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Talent Needed!
Every Wednesday starting September 2
4:30 - 6:00pm @ Studio 128 and the Palace

Flex your creative muscles at Willcox Theater´s Youth Program - whether it´s art, theater, writing or tech - you can make great things happen. All creative talents needed for our youth program at The Palace & Studio 128.
For ages 11+

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Healers, Quacks, and Elixers
Thursday, September 10
12:00pm @ The Palace

Speaker: George Whitehead
This presentation began as an effort to establish biographies on all the medical doctors that practiced in Benson and grew from there to include "Healers, Quacks and Elixirs". Since 1540, southern Arizona has seen a variety of men of medicine, medicine men and medicines. Join us for a free wheeling romp through the pages of medical history!
This is a FREE event!

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Cindy Rae
Friday, September 18
7:00pm @ The Palace

Enjoy the classic country sounds of Willcox’ own Cindy Rae, in a solo act with her Dad’s Gibson guitar, singing the classic country songs and relating her experiences with music and musicians.
No charge, donation requested to support Willcox Theater and Arts, Inc

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Show off your talent!
Thursday, September 24
7:00pm @ The Palace

Tune up your kazoo, polish your clogs, loosen up your vocal cords and show off your talent at Open Mic Night. Or come on by and marvel at our local talent!
FREE to perform, FREE to watch and enjoy!
s start at 6:30pm!

ON-line registration is available for this event - click HERE to register in a new browser window

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